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• Why do I need to invite the Discord Bump Bot?

Our bump bot provides Disurl with the data to display on our website. It is also great to have in your server so you can use the /bump command to put your Discord Server at the top of the Server List. Also Disurl's bump bot has carfully selected permmisions that are necessary to collect the correct data so you don't have to worry about the bot being malicious.

• How do I grow my Discord Server faster?

There are many ways to grow a server fast. First, you can bump more often to have your server shown to more users. You can also ask your community to vote for your server. The more votes you have will result in more people viewing your server. If you get enough votes, your server will show up on the trending page!

• Is Disurl free?

100% free Disurl has no paywall and gives everyone an equal opportunity to grow. We provide the latest and best features a server list can offer by funding the project through ADs.

• Why use Disurl over other similar websites?

Though Disurl has top of line features with a clean design we recommend you use multiple server listing websites to reach the largest audience. Over many websites including Disurl you have unlimited oportunity to grow your discord server.

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